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Many Web design best practices apply to this design, just as they apply to more traditional sites — but there are definitely some special considerations especially when marketing to mobile devices. See full-site layouts below:


How's this for reasoning?

If your local web designer is not listed on the top-search pages of the Internet, for example under: web design orange beach, how is he or she going to get you there? At VELVETILLUSION Web Design, we provide a custom service that is targeted to drive visitors to your site in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores or Perdido Key. Our objective is to create an enjoyable-web experience through the use of Audio, Flash Animations, Java Scripts, Graphics, Text. We also develop iPhone and Android APPS that are blended for compliant-web design and search-engine optimization (SEO) in: Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Perdido Key. Please examine our work by clicking on the links below.

Clients' Sites:

Perdido Realty:  http://www.perdidokey.com

Sportsman Marina: http://www.sportsmanmarina.com

Pleasure Island Tiki Bar: http://www.pleasureisandtiki.com

Chuck Norwood Team: http://www.chucknorwood.com

Dianna Wells Yoga: http://www.diannawellsyoga.com

The Harrison Team: http://www.theharrisonteam.net

Janet Swift: http://www.janetswift.net

City of Orange Beach, Alabama:  http://www.cityoforangebeach.com

Orange Beach Public Library:  http://www.orangebeachlibrary.org

Orange Beach Festival of Art: http://www.obfoa.com

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach:  http://www.orangebeachartcenter.com

Orange Beach Fire Dept.:  http://www.obfd.org

OBFD Private Site: http://www.981fire.com

Orange Beach Police Dept.:  http://www.obpd.org

City of Repton, Alabama: http://www.reptonalabama.com

University of South Alabama Baldwin County: http://www.usabaldwincounty.org

Live Osprey Nest- Wolf Bay Camera: http://www.wolfbaycamera.com

Live Osprey Nest- Osprey Camera: http://www.ospreycamera.com

SanRoc Cay Marina:  http://www.sanroccay.com

Bear Point Marina:  http://www.bearpointmarina.com

Jeannette Dean: http://www.jeannettedean.com

Wallace Boat Rentals:  http://www.wallaceboatrentals.com

Web Code Creative: http://www.webcodecreative.com

Islands of Perdido Foundation: http://www.islandsofperdido.org

La Riva Resort: http://www.larivaresort.com

Orange Beach Servers: http://www.orangebeachservers.com

Best Coast Association Management: http://www.bestcoastmanagment.com

Realty South Orange Beach: http://www.realtysouthorangebeach.com

Shopping Cart: http://www.velvetillusionwebdesign.biz

Catherine McInnis: http://www.catherinemcinnis.com

Clockrider Web Services: http://www.clockrider.com

Judy's Facial Art:  http://www.judysfacialart.com

Sail Dolphin Cruises: http://www.saildolphincruises.com

Dean Pardue Fashion Design:  http://www.thewhitechocolate.com

H. L. Hood Apparel:  http://www.hlhood.com

Bear Point Civic Association: http://www.bearpoint.org

Orange Beach Coastal Resources Dept.:  http://www.knowyourbeach.com

Aircraft Sales Corporation: http://aircraftsalescorp.com/

Orange Beach Magazine:  http://www.orangebeachmagazine.com

Gulf Shores Magazine:  http://www.gulfshoresmagazine.com

No Dumping in Conecuh County:  http://www.nodumpconecuhcounty.com

Schyleen:  http://www.schyleen.com

Arkeon Entertainment: http://www.arkeonentertainment.com

Salzburg Law: http://www.salzburglaw.com

Orange Beach Cards:  http://www.orangebeachcards.com

Karen Clark Realtor:  http://www.karenclarkonline.com

Orange Beach Classifieds:  http://www.orangebeachclassifieds.com

Coastal Security Service:  http://www.coastalsecurityservice.com

Eastern Shore Literacy: http://esliteracy.org

Le Manoir Eleuthera, Bahamas: http://www.lemanoirbahamas.com

The Internet Link:  http://www.theinternetlink.com

G. Emil Reutter, Author:  http://www.gemilreutter-author.com

Creature Comforts:  http://www.4creaturecomforts.com

Miranda Twiss, Writer:  http://www.mirandatwiss.com

Gulf Coast Real Estate Investor:  http://www.gulfcoastrealestateinvestor.com

Argyle Jewelry: http://www.argylejewelry.com

Mel Pardue Knives:  http://melpardueknives.com

Orange Beach Recovery: http://www.orangebeachrecovery.com

Perdido Key Magazine:  http://www.perdidokeymagazine.com

All Island Flowers:  http://www.allislandflowers.com

Yacht Gabriel:  http://www.yachtgabriel.com

Orange Beach Software:  http://www.orangebeachsoftware.com

Orange Beach Blog:  http://www.orangebeachblog.com

Gulf Shores Blog:  http://www.gulfshoresblog.com

Perdido Key Blog:  http://www.perdidokeyblog.com

Condos Blog:  http://www.gulfcoastblog.com

Environments Blog:  http://www.environmentsorangebeach.com

Oceans Blog:  http://www.oceansorangebeach.com

Beaches Blog:  http://www.beachesorangebeach.com

Beach Mouse:  http://www.beachmouse.com

Orange Beach Tennis Center::  http://www.orangebeachtenniscenter.com

City of Orange Beach Online Store:  http://www.orangebeachmall.com

Gulf Property Sales:  http://www.gulfpropertysales.com

VELVETILLUSION Web Design Demo: http://www.1badcode.com

VELVETILLUSION Hosting:  http://www.velvetillusionhosting.com

VELVETILLUSION Literary Magazine:  http://www.velvetillusion.com 


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Schyleen Qualls 18/05/2011 03:13 pm
Rauf Bolden was masterful at designing a website for me that is totally unique. He brought vision and professionalism, along with a genuine desire to create a site that reflected my core values. I believe I now have the perfect platform to reach and communicate effectively with my target audience. Because he knows and uses the most advanced technology available, I am confident that my site is in the right hands for the long run. I feel very fortunate to be working with his company.
Coastal Security 18/05/2011 07:56 am
We enjoy working with Velvetillusion. The one on one contact you get with working with Rauf and Jeanette show their true professionalism. They really listen to your ideas, answer any questions you have and they really work hard to make sure you have the web design that you ask for. If you are in need of a professional web design, Rauf is your guy.
Valerie Hawkins 13/05/2011 12:28 pm
Rauf constructed Perdido Realty's website in the mid 90's and immediately our revenues increased. Guests still compliment us because the site is so user-friendly. Throught the years Rauf has responded quickly to requests or questions and provides support services for our company as well. Rauf is forward-thinking, hard-working and has always taken a personal interest in our success.
Anita Elisar 13/05/2011 12:13 pm
I worked with Rauf to develop the Orange Beach Business Council website. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and his cooperation. He was so easy to work with! Additionally, he was knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks a bunch Rauf!
Patti Link 13/05/2011 10:07 am
Rauf designed two different websites for me and each is targeted to the exact audience I want to reach. The personal service and prompt attention from VelvetIllusion makes working with them a joy. I highly recommend this business to anyone needing web support.
Wanda Price 01/03/2011 05:22 pm
In every way, VelvetIllusion's fast, professional and skilled services help us successfully in reach our goals. It is a joy to work with them.
Karen Overvold 01/03/2011 04:53 pm
Rauf and Jeannie are the best. Incredibly helpful and proficient. Anytime there is ever (which are very rare) you are always available immediately to correct it.
Maria 01/03/2011 04:48 pm
Hi there. Where did the "e"s go in the "Best Practices" in your banner?
Nice captcha
Angela 01/03/2011 04:45 pm
Working with VelvetIllusion is the best decision we made when choosing server space! Great service and excellent technical assistance are just minutes away! Thank you Rauf for consistently excellent service.
Bonnie Lee /Orange Beach Public Library 01/03/2011 03:47 pm
Working with VelvetIllusion is a dream come true. Thank you Rauf, you are the best!

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The advanced CSS we use is deployed in ways that enhance modern browsers while assuring an attractive and accessible presentation in older ones. The idea is to start with a solid foundation that is accessible to all browsers and devices and then enhance it for those that support advanced CSS. The result is that your page is accessible to all, attractively designed for all, and absolutely gorgeous for many. Some techniques, such as the embedded fonts used for section headings, work in almost all browsers—even back to Internet Explorer version 5.

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Single-page designs can have certain benefits over a traditional multi-page site. Here are several things for you to consider:

  • Speed: Only one page needs to load
  • Maintenance: Only one page to manage and maintain
  • Search Engines: Only one page to be indexed
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